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Do I have to be a computer expert to take lessons from Quran Tutors?
You can take lessons with quran on skype if you can browse the web and are able to do internet voice communication. Our staff is here to help you in case you have any questions.

Do I have to supervise my kids while they take the lessons?
For younger children, we advise that parent/guardian should supervise the half an hour session. After a few lessons, children become comfortable and are able to take lessons without supervision. However, we still recommend that the lesson should be monitored from time to time so that you can give us feedback about the progress of your child.

What if I do not want to continue after taking trial lessons?
We are confident that if you take trial lessons with us, you will decide to join our course. However, the trial lessons are totally free if in case you do not want to continue.

Do I get a discount if my children miss some lessons?
Our fee is not on a per-lesson basis, rather it is based on an overall package and caters for public holidays in Pakistan. As such, there are no discounts available for missed lessons. However, in case you inform us (at least 2 weeks notice required) of break of more than 4 weeks, we can suspend your lessons and not charge fee for that period.

How can I pay the fee?
You have the options of paying online directly to our bank account, sending a cheque to our country representatives or pay via Paypal. Find more options

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