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Tutor on Skype is the easy & effective way for anyone to enjoy interactive online Urdu language lessons with some of the best native speaking Urdu teachers from Pakistan.

Islamic Complex Pakistan offering Online Urdu Learning Course for beginners and Quran on Skype for students living abroad. The Jamia Majidia Madina-tul-Aloom under the umbrella of Islamic Complex, in future will fully designed to accommodates hundred of females & males students.

The children will be given properly Deni education including Nazrah, Hifz, Tajweed, Dars-e-Nizami and school education up till HSCE levels and various technical/vocational courses so that they can run independent lives respectfully.

Short courses, Hajj Umrah, Arabic language courses are being run on monthly basis. The Jamia Majidia Madina-tul-Aloom is also provided free livings ( Lodging & Boarding ) free food, free books and free medical facilities to its students.

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