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Fee Policy

Free Trial

This is non-obligations FREE trial . You only have to sign-up to the subscription once you are satisfied with the trials. We will clearly communicate to you the date of the start of you subscription. For Free Trail email us your Name, contact Telephone Number & Skype id at islamiccomplex The fee is to be paid monthly in advance.

Cancellations Policy

You may cancel your subscription by giving at least a 2 weeks notice.

Public Holidays:

Fees are calculated on an annual basis, taking into account public holidays, and so there is no reduction in fee for weeks which include public holidays (in Pakistan) or in case of absence of student. However, we can suspend your membership if the student wants to take a break of 4 consecutive weeks or more.

Payment of Fee

Fee is due by the 5th of the each month. Late Fee may be applicable if the payment is not made on time. Quran on Skype will reserve the right to pursue any defaulters by legal means.

Payment Methods


Classes / Week

Duration / Class

Monthly Hadya

Pay online via Paypal

Plan A


30 Minutes

US $ 60

Plan B

30 Minutes

US $ 50

Plan C


30 Minutes

US $ 30

Person To Person:

Western Union Or Money Gram Receiver Name: Sohail Majid For further information feel free to Contact us.



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